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Latest from The Autumns

Dearest Fellow Travelers,

We have completed the bulk of the tracking for seven new songs and are in preproduction
for the next seven. The more mathematically savvy among you will no doubt have noticed
that this brings us to a sum of fourteen, an album's worth of new material. If we remain on
schedule (as we intend to), it should be ready to go early in the New Year. In the
meantime, you will have ample opportunity to hear many of these songs at any of a variety
of live shows. The first of these will take place in Long Beach on Friday, September 16 and
will include a performance by our friends Hong Kong Six (see below for show info).

Not one of you has written regarding Autumns ring-tones, but we won't let that prevent us
from informing you that they do exist, and can be procured at

The limited-edition Covers EP, which includes the Smiths' "Please Please Please Let Me Get
What I Want" will be reissued online. If you were not able to procure a copy the first time
around, check-out iTunes, Napster, eMusic in October.

Our friends the Sugarplastic rightly received the Best Pop/Rock Band award at the LA
Weekly Music Awards. We thank Mr. Eshbach for sharing a little of the magic in having Mr.
Kelly sing on the band's new album, Will, which can be purchased at finer record stores
everywhere. For the uninitiated, a Sugarplastic video and interview will be airing at the
Laemelle theatre in Pasadena on Saturday, August 27. We encourage you to attend. Wine
will be served. (Visit for more details)

Lastly, Mr. Elkins' mind-blowing photography may now be viewed online, offering the
viewer a lovely glimpse into the travels of this increasingly cosmopolitan figure. Check out
our links page and click on The Elk.

The Autumns and Hong Kong Six
Friday, September 16
5205 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90804
$8, Doors 7:00 PM
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