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more dirt!

Well, guys. Look who is back!

Not so much new information, as the biggest news has finally occurred. However, there are a few reminders needed for those [like myself] whom were out of the loop and are finally back.

  • You should know by now that the North American version of the new album, simply titled The Autumns, is now available to order through Pseudopod Records. The European version on Bella Union will be released in a matter of time.

  • Also, Searching for Angela Shelton is finally available to reserve on VHS and DVD. Click here to purchase. The CBS 48 Hours special on Angela was aired again, the same night as the Violaine 3rd Anniversary show. I managed to catch it before the show, and upon returning home, Angela's message board had massive increased traffic. Success is right around the corner, as her message has become widespread across the nation.

  • The Autumns are featured in a brand new indie zine, 20/20 Proof, created by Peter . Matthew discusses the music industry, Angela Shelton, the dismal period between record releases, the songwriting process, their origins, and the future. The new LP is reviewed, and Frankie discusses the new album and scoring Searching for Angela Shelton. The zine will be sold at forthcoming shows. But, if you cannot wait, visit 2020proof.org and order a copy. The zine is a fantastic read, with writeups on the new Interpol, amongst many others. Word has it that Angela Shelton may be the subject of an interview piece in the future. And, I've heard rumors that I was interviewed in the recent issue, but I have no comment on the matter.

  • If you have a LiveJournal account, chances are you are on Friendster or MySpace. Tracy told me that The Autumns are on Friendster, which I have not found. But, I can confirm that they are on MySpace, which can be found here.

  • The Autumns are playing a few shows.

  • Aug 9 2004
    The Troubador West Hollywood, CA

    Aug 14 2004
    Badu Tijuana, Mexico

    Aug 21 2004
    Studio Z San Francisco, CA

    Sep 25 2004
    The Emerald Lounge Phoenix, AZ

    Sidenote: A Beautiful Noise are opening for The Autumns on 8/14, in Tijuana. Call it nepotism, but my best friend, _B, is in that band. And, if you love The Autumns, you will love them. Please check them out, as they are just as impressive.

Can you believe that record is finally out? Seems like yesterday, we were ready to start a riot, waiting for it.
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