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The Autumns reviewed in the NME!!!

My scanner's busted, but here's the article verbatim:

The Autumns/The Autumns (Bella Union)

The Autumns have been sent here to try us. For one, their singer is called Matthew Kelly. How does one take seriously the grandeur of "The Moon Softly Weeps A Lullaby" when our mind's eye is continually being poked out by visions of the former "Stars In Their Eyes" hostcrooning a melody of such beauty? And for two, how is it that The Autumns are capable of shoegazing when their third album never soars at anything lower than 30,000 feet?
The answer becomes clear the moment opener "The End" has finished unfurling itself. It would appear The Autumns are watching over their slip-on's from their hot-air balloon. OH, and look, squint a bit and you can just about make out the Cocteau Twins. And my god, that's The Verve! Before they were shit!
All of which leads us to the biggest mystery of them all: how come a band from LA has managed to write such a british record? Earthbound disbelievers are advised to reserve their sneers until they've floated through "Every Sunday Sky."
-Jon Brown
8 out of 10

Congrats boys, time to go across the pond!
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